Monday, February 10, 2014

A Character Sketch

Blog Hop for WritersFor this week's blog hop post, we've been asked to provide a character sketch of our hero.

Here is a character sketch of Mandy, the heroine of a short story I'm working on.


Mandy is an only child. Her mother died when she was about 14 and her father is a kind and caring man. As the story opens, Mandy is 27 years old. She is university-educated and has spent the last few years living with her boyfriend, Duncan, on Canada's east coast. Having determined that she and Duncan are on different trajectories, she has returned to her father's home in Toronto to try to create a new life for herself.

Physical Attributes

Mandy is about 5' 6" tall, 130 pounds, with blue eyes and long brown hair. She has an oval- shaped face, square shoulders, and an athletic build. 

Personality Traits

Mandy is loyal, introverted, and caring. She is easy-going and hates conflict.


Mandy is currently untethered from past friendships as most of her friends have either married and started families or taken jobs that are geographically removed from her location. 

She has severed her relationship with her boyfriend, Duncan.

She has a good relationship with her father and appreciates his concern for her well-being. She wants to protect him and look after him. 

Main Weakness

As previously stated, Mandy is easy-going and averse to conflict. This is a weakness in that it means she is easy to manipulate and she finds it hard to stand up for herself.

Main Strength

She wants to do the right thing and learns from her mistakes.


  1. Nicely done. did you add your link to the hop? I didn't see it there...

  2. Thanks for sharing Mandy's character with us :) What is her goal in life? Do you have a story in mind?

  3. Oh dear, do I smell a big-city wolf sniffing around Mandy's door?

  4. This sounds like a turning point in Mandy's life, which is always a great place for a story start. Good luck! :)

  5. i like the sound of mandy. she's believable as a person. what's the main conflict of your short? what does she end up learning about herself?

  6. I'm intrigued by the way you describe her status as "currently untethered from past friendships". Untethered has a couple of connotations, a negative one that hints at being held down or back, and a positive one that suggests being grounded. It would be interesting to read the story and see whether the absence of tethers in her life will prove to be a good or bad thing for her. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sounds like anything could happen, with Mandy sort of "in limbo" and starting over. Bummer she left the Atlantic coast though (says the Nova Scotian).

    I hope she finds belonging and happiness.